Peter Joyce | Dairy Farmer
Strzelecki, Gippsland

Meet some of our farmers

Many of our farming families have been on their land for generations. They love nurturing dairy cows and they're passionate about dairy farming the natural way, giving their cows the freedom to roam and graze on fresh grass all year round.

Our farms continue to stay at the forefront of ethical, sustainable farming practices ensuring their properties will be passed down to future generations.

At Pure Source, we understand our farmers are the lifeblood to a healthy dairy industry, which is why we always ensure they get paid fairly for their high quality milk.

Pure Rainwater + Fresh Green Grass = High Quality 100% Australian Milk

Pandolfo family farm

Rob & Marita Pandolfo

Lardner, Gippsland

Dairy farming is a great way of life for Rob and his family in Lardner, Gippsland. Together they care for 300 dairy cows, continuously providing a fresh patch of grass to ensure his animals are well fed and able to product the highest quality milk.

Farm by numbers

  • 310 Holstein Friesians Cows
  • 360 Acres of prime pasture
  • 1.16 Acres per cow
  • 25 Years farming experience

Joyce family farm

Peter & Larissa Joyce

Strzelecki, Gippsland

Peter believes his cows have a pretty good life. They spend the majority of their days eating fresh green grass, and resting in shady paddocks. Working on the Joyce farm is a family affair, with Peter's wife Larissa, young children and father actively involved on the farm day to day.

Farm by numbers

  • 150 Holstein Friesians Cows
  • 220 Acres of prime pasture
  • 1.47 Acres per cow
  • 22 Years farming experience